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Inspirational Style {Simple & Colorful}

18 Jul
Simple and Colorful Inspiration

Ever a bit stumped on what to wear? Or not sure how to put an outfit together? Or even what ‘your style’ is? Look at your home! Take a look at the colors you love, the “style” you go for – modern? romantic? Here, I chose some simple, yet bold and colorful, pieces and used them to create a FUN outfit, pulling colors form the “inspiration home” pieces. For the outfit, since the “base” pieces are all within the same color scheme (blues and yellows) and I use red as accents, it doesn’t look TOO crazy colored – instead it’s fun! That dress is loooovely, the colors and the shape – with the cute collar and buttons down the front! The shoes also pull in some of that light blue and yellow from the cardigan (inspired by the lamp and dots on the clock!) The red accessories are inspired by the coool red chair! What do you think? Do you use your home as a style inspiration? OR vice-versa, your clothes as inspiration for your home decor?!

Sheer dress

Dorothy Perkins cotton cardigan
$16 – dorothyperkins.com

Yellow flat

Essie nail polish

Tate Chairs

Watt Table Lamp

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