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Inspirational Style {Rustic Elegance}

15 Aug
Rustic Elegance Style

Well… recently I’ve learned this about myself: I can be a little bit country. I mean I thought it just stopped at music but I’m kind of noticing it a bit in my fashion choices and even some furniture/design. Even though I don’t have my own apartment..yet.. I still always shop like I have one. (Seriously, I have so many random decor items and small kitchen appliances and I get very excited about it. Very excited.) Nothing wrong with your style changing/ evolving! What kind of style do you love?

Can we first talk about that chair? I really love the shape, it’s and elegant and funky all in one. Love. As for the outfit, my favorite part is definitely the earrings, bracelet, and boots. Okay I guess that’s most of the outfit and I still love the other two pieces just as much. I’m really quite indecisive. I would totally wear that floral pin in my hair… like if I had a loose side braid ( a la Lauren Conrad) and pinned in on the side in the front. Ya see where I’m going with this? Cuuuute, right? (If you love this hair look, see how to do it here!)

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On Trend: Tribal Prints

8 Aug
In the heat of summer (and boy has it been HOT) what is better than some funky tribal prints? Colorful and with great patterns and designs, tribal prints definitely bring in a lot of depth to your wardrobe! Is anyone else in love with that pink hat, by the way? I’ve recently decided that I want a hat like that and I think that is the one I want. Not sure how many outfits I can get away wearing it with (since I don’t wear much pink) but I love love love the color AND design!  And those pillows – the vibrant red/orange color and with the gold is great for a cooool, eclectic style.
Below, I took the black, white, and blue printed dress and paired it with some funky accessories that are perfect for a casual, tribal look! (PS – how cool is that ring?)


Steve Madden slingback sandals / Pull&Bear tribal jewelry, $9.30 / Tribal jewelry, $13 / Handmade sterling silver jewelry / Nail polish / Oasis sun dress, $39 / Quiksilver string bikini / Cynthia Vincent leather sandals / Tote handbag / Charlotte Russe tribal jewelry / Oasis paper hat / Mango cotton scarf/ Red Ikat pillow

Travel time: Classic Beach

27 Jul
Travel time: Classy Beach
Anyone plan a vacation in the last week? I haven’t 😦 With the exception of a possible weekend getaway to Virginia Beach to visit my cousin (and one of my best friends!) Sarah and see…Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in concert!!! Ohh, two of my favorite men. Honestly, I have a huge crush on Luke Bryan – he is kind of my ultimate man. If I don’t start talking about this collage soon I will NOT shut up about him!
My inspiration for this collage is a nautical and casual beach scene… like Cape Cod and the Hamptons, a bit old-schoolish. Can you see what I’m trying to get across? I really love the striped dress since it has that pop of yellow against the white and navy.. Also, I really like that hat for the beach! SO casual and can match several outfits while protecting you from the sun! Two for one – style and health/safety benefits, yay! What’s your favorite piece in today’s collage? Dontchya love kickin’ it at the beach?

On trend {Funky Stripes!}

25 Jul

On trend: Fun stripes

Aren’t stripes so fun!? They definitely add cute detailing to outfits and, like the dress and dinnerware, they can add fabulous + different colors! I’ve always been hesitant to wear horizontal stripes because, as they say, they add..width and well, I don’t want any width added where it doesn’t need to be! (Ha!) But, I think with the right outfit, the right shape, and color, we can all rock stripes! Here’s a peek at a fun outfit  featuring the coool dress that would be perfect for work!

I love the colors in this dress!  A bit of coral and pink with neutral accents balance it so it’s not overpowering! With a peachy coral cardigan and accessories, black heels and belt, and a fab blue watch, this outfit is kind of..gorgeous? The bag also has a hint of a stripey detail and brings in the same colors as the dress! I’m almost convinced they were made for each other. Seriously. What do you think about stripes? How do you wear them?!
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Travel Time: Cruisin’

20 Jul
Travel time: Cruisin'
Ya know what summertime means – vacation!! Well, for most of us. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t been on a real vacation in 2 1/2 years (this doesn’t count the two weekend breaks I’ve had to Jersey and Baltimore last year). And the last time I went on a fabulous, awesome vacation was in 2008 when I went to France.  My sister and I are determined to go to Prague, Denmark, Amsterdam, and London soon (or at least, one day) and I am dying to go to New Zealand. Ohhhh to be able to travel!
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


For this collage, I picked out great outfits for a very, very popular travel experience: a cruise! I mean, there is a probably a cruise for everyone (whether you want to go to Alaska, Europe, or the Carribean!) Wanted to keep things casual but put together and colorful (my inspiration is a trip I want to plan: a cruise to the Bahamas!) I also added that pretty grecian dress (from a shop on Etsy!) that is great for those dressy dinners and a super casual outfit (with sneakers!) for all those adventure expeditions you can go on!

Inspirational Style {Simple & Colorful}

18 Jul
Simple and Colorful Inspiration

Ever a bit stumped on what to wear? Or not sure how to put an outfit together? Or even what ‘your style’ is? Look at your home! Take a look at the colors you love, the “style” you go for – modern? romantic? Here, I chose some simple, yet bold and colorful, pieces and used them to create a FUN outfit, pulling colors form the “inspiration home” pieces. For the outfit, since the “base” pieces are all within the same color scheme (blues and yellows) and I use red as accents, it doesn’t look TOO crazy colored – instead it’s fun! That dress is loooovely, the colors and the shape – with the cute collar and buttons down the front! The shoes also pull in some of that light blue and yellow from the cardigan (inspired by the lamp and dots on the clock!) The red accessories are inspired by the coool red chair! What do you think? Do you use your home as a style inspiration? OR vice-versa, your clothes as inspiration for your home decor?!

Sheer dress

Dorothy Perkins cotton cardigan
$16 –

Yellow flat

Essie nail polish

Tate Chairs

Watt Table Lamp

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