Travel time: Classic Beach

27 Jul
Travel time: Classy Beach
Anyone plan a vacation in the last week? I haven’t 😦 With the exception of a possible weekend getaway to Virginia Beach to visit my cousin (and one of my best friends!) Sarah and see…Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in concert!!! Ohh, two of my favorite men. Honestly, I have a huge crush on Luke Bryan – he is kind of my ultimate man. If I don’t start talking about this collage soon I will NOT shut up about him!
My inspiration for this collage is a nautical and casual beach scene… like Cape Cod and the Hamptons, a bit old-schoolish. Can you see what I’m trying to get across? I really love the striped dress since it has that pop of yellow against the white and navy.. Also, I really like that hat for the beach! SO casual and can match several outfits while protecting you from the sun! Two for one – style and health/safety benefits, yay! What’s your favorite piece in today’s collage? Dontchya love kickin’ it at the beach?

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