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Makeup Madness {Taaz}

7 May

Woahhh. I’ve been so busy with TRYING to finish school, I haven’t even had time to work on yesterday’s Save on Kate or today’s Makeup Madness. Today will be a quick one! Have you ever wanted to try a hairstyle or color but not sure if you’d like it? What about some coool makeup you’d want to try and see how it looks? Well… without going to buy ALL of it, only for it to not look good, you can try it virtually¬†on taaz.com. You can upload your own picture or use one of their models, if you are just playing around. Here’s a screenshot before starting “the makeover.”

And a side by side before and after:

Very cool, right? There are so many hair lengths, styles, and colors you can choose!

There’s also a place to find great make up deals, ask questions and give advice, and see some cool trends:

Have you ever used Taaz? Whatchya think? All the screenshots above are from taaz.com! Check it out!

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