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Make-up Madness!

23 Apr

One of the things I hate when plucking my eyebrows is how long it can take! Even if you’re just trying to keep up in between waxes, if you have the wrong tweezers it can take a little while to get them perfect.  With some of them, it takes a couple tries to get a grasp on some of the shorter hairs. Like I said… if you have the wrong tweezers.

   The first time I tried Tweezerman tweezers was my freshman year in college. I never kept up with my eyebrows in between waxes because it hurt so bad and took more time than I cared to give. Well, since I bought my first pair of Tweezermans (you can buy them at Sephora or on the Tweezerman website) I have never gone back to the drugstore brands. They may be a little more expensive (ranging from $12.50 to $40) but let me tell you, they are completely worth it. I bought the mini slanted tweezers for, I believe, $15 a couple of years ago and “upgraded” to the longer size in pink for $20. to  My 17 year old sister even begged me to buy her one for Christmas, so I did.
There’s not much you can say about the actual use except that the slanted head really grasps on to even the shortest hairs and you don’t have to try multiple times to pull them out. Another great thing is that they come in a variety of colors. My make up bag area can become a hot mess on the weekends or when I’m in a hurry to get ready and I always seem to lose things. But, my Tweezerman’s are light pink so they are easy to find against all my other make up. That also comes in handy if they’re on the bottom of a big, cluttered purse. So, do you own a pair? What do you think?

Photo Credits: Sephora

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