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Makeup Madness! {Abby’s Prom!}

21 May

My sister Abby (I like to call her Gail too, to annoy her of course!) had her senior prom this past Friday!! I may be biased but I think she looked absolutely GORGEOUS. I treated her to get her hair done (I did it last year and let’s just say, although it looked GREAT, we definitely butted heads along the way) and then I did her make up! First I’ll show you a picture from last years Junior prom:

I wish I had a close up of her hair and makeup last year but alas, I do not. I also would like to say I picked out her prom dress (of course she had to approve and LOVE it, which she did!) Yes, last year I re-lived my high school proms vicariously through my sister. I did the SAME thing this year…

Below – I was TRYING to take a “before” picture at the hair salon but she kept fighting me so to annoy her further here is my “paparazzi” shot!

Gosh, I should OBVIOUSLY take up photography… since I’m such a natural (sarcasm, of course). Some more paparazzi shots of her getting her hair done. (Her hairdresser caught me once so I had to be more stealthy for these shots)

I know, I know.. that is some BEAUTIFUL photography. Since I haven’t had a real camera in about 3 years, I had to use my phone.

Can you tell she was getting annoyed by me taking pictures? Well.. now it was time to do makeup! For her skin we just used  her bareMinerals original foundation and warmth as bronzer. Then some light pink blush to add pretty color to her cheeks! Also some highlighter on the bridge of her nose and and inner corner of her eyes. Now, the eyes is where we have some issues. She is obsessed with eyeliner. Like she doesn’t go a day without heavy eyeliner. I told her she should tone it down a bit for prom but she wouldn’t listen to me (Would you listen to your sister?) Then a wee bit of shimmery gold eyeshadow and a darker brown around the outer corners. Also a wee bit of very light pale pink shadow under her eyebrows.  A dab of rosy pink chapstick (Yes, chapstick!) on her lips.. This is the final product:

Thanks to my poor camera quality and the fact I didn’t really set up the lighting to be perfect (we had places to be!) there are some shadows that make the eye makeup look a bit uneven but it wasn’t!

My beautiful sister in her blueeee dress (and her best friend, Nicole, laughing in her pretty white and gold dress):

It was so sunny out! No matter where you stood there was SUN! (Gorgeous but bad for these pictures!) And one last one of their sparkly shoes:

Seeing these pictures makes me want to dress up for something SO bad.. Anyone having a black tie event they want to invite me to, please? Cocktail-dress events work too!

Stay tuned next Monday and I’ll post all of the makeup we used and where you can find it for yourself!

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