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Inspirational Style {Classy Vintage}

1 Aug


Ohhhh I love everything in this  collage – the home pieces and the outfit! It’s so girly and pretty, with the lace and sparkle! Big fan right here! The outfit, with the shape of the dress, lace, and light blush tones have a vintage flair but the jacket and shoes definitely bring it up to ‘now’! If I wore this outfit (which I must!) and had hair that I could actually manage to do myself (all I seem to be able to handle is a straightener.) I would wear it up in a loose and casual updo or down with long pretty waves pulled back from my face a bit. Ahh to have hair like Lauren Conrad (I’m watching RetroMTV and the Hills is on..yay! Does anyone else miss this show?)

To find all of these pieces…click below! (And tell me what you think about this vintage inspiration!)

Fashion Friday’s! {Lauren Conrad}

20 Apr
Get the Look: Lauren Conrad
Yay! It’s Fridayyyyy! No, I will NOT sing that god awful Rebecca Black song but now it’s stuck in my head. You? Ahh, but what I’m MOST excited about is that one of my closest friends is back in New York!!! She was living here for a bit then went down to Florida for a few months and I’ve missed her much! You know those friends who you may not see for years or talk to every day but the second you get back together it’s like NO time has passed? She is one of those friends. When she first moved to Florida in ….years ago… we didn’t see each other for like THREE years or something crazy. Then, I went down to visit her and we had a BLAST. So excited to go out for dinner + drinks (and shopping, of course!) with her tonight! Then it’s back to work work work for the weekend (until Sunday when I finally see my lovely boyfriend again!)
Okay on to this outfit, another one of my style crushes – Lauren Conrad. She exudes that pretty, girl next door attitude with a great sense of style. Her make up always looks fresh and not too … crazy and her clothes, whether laid back or dressed up, are simple yet put together and elegant.

H M flare dress
£20 – hm.com

H m dress
£13 – hm.com

Aldo heels
$100 – aldoshoes.com

Crystal hair accessory
$20 – jcpenney.com

John Lewis pearl hair accessory
£5 – johnlewis.com

NARS Cosmetics nars blush
$28 – bloomingdales.com

NYX eyeliner
$6 – cherryculture.com

Sephora Collection lip treatment
$12 – sephora.com

Essie nail
$8 – nordstrom.com

Essie nail
$8 – nordstrom.com

CoverGirl LashBlast Luxe Mascara
$6.94 – target.com

Lauren Conrad
I looove this look. Apparently I’m into lace dresses right now (did you see my Save on Kate lace dress post?) The lace and white color exude a soft femininity and looks great against her skin tone! This reminds me.. I really need a tan. Real or fake, I don’t care. She pairs the dress with neutral shoes and a pretty headband that sparkles!
I showed two options for each the dress, shoes, and headband just to show versatility and choices for different tastes. I personally like the flare dress better for my body shape but the tighter dress definitely is a little closer to Lauren’s style. Which one do you like better? Her soft, pink hued make up goes perfectly with this look – it’s not too heavy and very simple. A lovely look!
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Save on Kate! (Erdem Dress)

15 Apr

Kate Middleton/Duchess of Cambridge Erdem Dress

Kate Middleton/Duchess of Cambridge Erdem Dress by emilycourtright1

Okay, let me admit something… I have a huge style crush on Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge). I also sometimes want to be her, no big deal. My mother and sister make fun of me for it ALL the time. Last summer we had close family friends down for a BBQ and my mom jokingly told one of them to ask me anything about the Royal Wedding and I would probably know the answer. She asked. I knew the answers. All of them. So weird. Nonetheless, I am all for copying her style or at least taking some pointers and adapting it to fit your style.

This first “Save on Kate” post (is that too weird of a name?) is one of my faveeee looks of hers, the Erdem Cecile lace dress. Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning? I’m not the only one who loves this stress, a poll conducted at WhatKateWore showed this dress as the favorite among readers. Do you have a favorite Kate dress?

Erdem fitted dress
$2,080 – matchesfashion.com

ASOS short sleeve dress
$36 – asos.com

Dorothy Perkins vintage black dress
$49 – dorothyperkins.com

I must say, out of those two dresses, I like the Dorothy Perkins black dress better. It’s closer to Kate’s dress style wise and a little more… classic. I know the color isn’t the same as Kate’s but I stuck with a neutral darker color with a beige underlay. Like I said, I wasn’t looking for exact replicas because 1) there weren’t any I could find that were under $100 and 2) from the ones I did find, these two were the most flattering shapes for many body types and personalities. Trust me, if you want a super tight and short dress that looks like this, there are PLENTY out there for you to choose from. So tell me, what do you think of these two dresses? Would you wear either? 

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