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Fashion Friday’s {Cobalt Jeans, Blush Blazer}

4 May

Get the Look: Blush Blazer, Blue Jeans

It’s been one of those weeks. You know what I mean. Crappy weather, crappy mood (sorta). I haven’t really been in TOO bad of a mood, just stressed. Oh so stressed. Only two weeks left of undergrad and I feel like I’m not even ready. Ya know? Yikes. Time to be a big girl! I’m excited and nervous. I’m a wee bit worried that I won’t find a job but am hopeful that things will all fall into place and if not, I’m willing to make the best of whatever happens. Now.. onto clothes!! (The reason I’m here, right?)

It’s been a wee bit cold and rainy this week but I haven’t let it stop me! (I wore flip flops to class tonight even though it was probably in the 40’s and rainy…) I decided to show this look this week for a few reasons.

1) It fits the weather we’ve been having.. sorta

2) I am in love with blazers right now. I want all of the ones I see. All of them.

3) I also want all pairs of colored pants I see.

4) I like it. I really like it. It’s simple (and classy) but still has a FUN element with the cobalt jeans and blush colored blazer. I think it all looks really good together. What do you think?

Cream blouse
£28 – riverisland.com

Ruched sleeve blazer
$35 – windsorstore.com

H&M slim jeans
£25 – hm.com

Miss Selfridge nude shoes
$28 – missselfridge.com

Slim watch
£10 – debenhams.com

Amrita Singh 18 karat gold earrings
$50 – amritasingh.com

Juicy Couture dangling jewelry
$48 – juicycouture.com

Tom ford lipstick
$48 – neimanmarcus.com

Stila shimmer blush
$14 – zappos.com

Nars cosmetic
$33 – saksfifthavenue.com

I’ll be locking myself in the library this weekend. I found a nice, quiet spot in the middle of shelves beyond shelves of books. So peaceful. So much work has gotten done in this past week there. Here’s to finishing everything on time! And perhaps treating myself to a mini shopping spree after! Have a fabulous weekend, I’ll see ya Sunday 😉
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Fashion Friday’s! {Miranda Kerr}

27 Apr
Get the Look: Miranda Kerr
There’s no denying it – Miranda Kerr is hot. She has this kind of girl next door-baby face but she totally knows how to work her sex appeal. Gorgeous. Here’s one of her sexier looks (I have another more casual one coming up soon!) The outfit itself is pretty simple but to achieve full Miranda Kerr-appeal you HAVE to have confidence. I mean she totally works it here – she knows she looks good and she will damn well show it. Having the body + looks doesn’t hurt either, of course, but I think the key to looking good, is feeling good.

Michael Antonio high heel pumps
$48 – endless.com

AX Paris low heels
$38 – axparis.co.uk

Button earrings
$9.60 – kohls.com

Juicy Couture flower jewelry
$48 – juicycouture.com

NARS Cosmetics nars blush
$39 – barneys.com

Rimmel London eyeliner
$5.37 – asos.com

Shu uemura false eyelash
$29 – shuuemura-usa.com

CHI blow dryers iron
$60 – macys.com

Essie nailpolish
$8 – zappos.com

Tyler Bandage Dress in Red
90 AUD – myer.com.au

I know this was a super short post but I am fighting to finish my senior project. My ‘sponsor’ already called me today and sounded VERY disappointed that she didn’t have a copy yet. Eek. Back to work!
What makes YOU feel most sexy? For me, it’s when I’m wearing heels. Maybe it’s cause I’m short but I always feel much sexier in them.
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Fashion Friday’s! {Lauren Conrad}

20 Apr
Get the Look: Lauren Conrad
Yay! It’s Fridayyyyy! No, I will NOT sing that god awful Rebecca Black song but now it’s stuck in my head. You? Ahh, but what I’m MOST excited about is that one of my closest friends is back in New York!!! She was living here for a bit then went down to Florida for a few months and I’ve missed her much! You know those friends who you may not see for years or talk to every day but the second you get back together it’s like NO time has passed? She is one of those friends. When she first moved to Florida in ….years ago… we didn’t see each other for like THREE years or something crazy. Then, I went down to visit her and we had a BLAST. So excited to go out for dinner + drinks (and shopping, of course!) with her tonight! Then it’s back to work work work for the weekend (until Sunday when I finally see my lovely boyfriend again!)
Okay on to this outfit, another one of my style crushes – Lauren Conrad. She exudes that pretty, girl next door attitude with a great sense of style. Her make up always looks fresh and not too … crazy and her clothes, whether laid back or dressed up, are simple yet put together and elegant.

H M flare dress
£20 – hm.com

H m dress
£13 – hm.com

Aldo heels
$100 – aldoshoes.com

Crystal hair accessory
$20 – jcpenney.com

John Lewis pearl hair accessory
£5 – johnlewis.com

NARS Cosmetics nars blush
$28 – bloomingdales.com

NYX eyeliner
$6 – cherryculture.com

Sephora Collection lip treatment
$12 – sephora.com

Essie nail
$8 – nordstrom.com

Essie nail
$8 – nordstrom.com

CoverGirl LashBlast Luxe Mascara
$6.94 – target.com

Lauren Conrad
I looove this look. Apparently I’m into lace dresses right now (did you see my Save on Kate lace dress post?) The lace and white color exude a soft femininity and looks great against her skin tone! This reminds me.. I really need a tan. Real or fake, I don’t care. She pairs the dress with neutral shoes and a pretty headband that sparkles!
I showed two options for each the dress, shoes, and headband just to show versatility and choices for different tastes. I personally like the flare dress better for my body shape but the tighter dress definitely is a little closer to Lauren’s style. Which one do you like better? Her soft, pink hued make up goes perfectly with this look – it’s not too heavy and very simple. A lovely look!
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