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Make-up Madness!

23 Apr

One of the things I hate when plucking my eyebrows is how long it can take! Even if you’re just trying to keep up in between waxes, if you have the wrong tweezers it can take a little while to get them perfect.  With some of them, it takes a couple tries to get a grasp on some of the shorter hairs. Like I said… if you have the wrong tweezers.

   The first time I tried Tweezerman tweezers was my freshman year in college. I never kept up with my eyebrows in between waxes because it hurt so bad and took more time than I cared to give. Well, since I bought my first pair of Tweezermans (you can buy them at Sephora or on the Tweezerman website) I have never gone back to the drugstore brands. They may be a little more expensive (ranging from $12.50 to $40) but let me tell you, they are completely worth it. I bought the mini slanted tweezers for, I believe, $15 a couple of years ago and “upgraded” to the longer size in pink for $20. to  My 17 year old sister even begged me to buy her one for Christmas, so I did.
There’s not much you can say about the actual use except that the slanted head really grasps on to even the shortest hairs and you don’t have to try multiple times to pull them out. Another great thing is that they come in a variety of colors. My make up bag area can become a hot mess on the weekends or when I’m in a hurry to get ready and I always seem to lose things. But, my Tweezerman’s are light pink so they are easy to find against all my other make up. That also comes in handy if they’re on the bottom of a big, cluttered purse. So, do you own a pair? What do you think?

Photo Credits: Sephora

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Make-up Madness!

16 Apr
My Make-up Bag

My Make-up Bag by emilycourtright1

For years I only used Bare Minerals foundation, warmth, and whatever eyeliner and mascara I picked up at the drug store. I found that after awhile I wasn’t getting the coverage I needed (wanted) so I went scurried on over to Sephora and talked to the sales lady who helped me decide what I wanted and was good for me. I had heard that the Make Up Forever HD foundation gave really nice coverage so I opted for that. Unfortunately, they didn’t have in my shade (#115, for us pale folk). She gave me a sample of some of the foundation in my shade (from the tester) which actually lasted about six uses. Instead, I bought the Smashbox “Complexion Perfection Kit” which included their HD foundation, a travel photo finish primer, HD Concealer, and Halo face powder. After trying out both the Smashbox and Make Up Forever foundations, I liked the coverage the Make Up Forever gave me so after I ran out of the Smashbox (2 months!) I ran back to Sephora to buy the Make Up Forever. Luckily, they had it in my shade this time and I’ve been sooo happy with the results.

Smashbox makeup
$20 – smashbox.com

Smashbox Illuminating Powder
$20 – nordstrom.com

Primer | Smashbox Cosmetics
$36 – smashbox.com

Face Powder | Smashbox Cosmetics
$29 – smashbox.com

Make Up For Ever foundation

Now, all of this may seem like A LOT of make up for an every day routine but I don’t wear it all every day. The only things I wear on a daily basis is the foundation, mascara, and MAC eyeshadow. The MAC eyeshadow I actually use with a slanted brush as eye liner. I lost my eye liner one day and desperately needed some so I picked up a brush and used the MAC eyeshadow in Beauty Marked and loved it. Been using it ever since.  The only time I wear ALL of these at once, maybe with some eyeshadow, is on those ‘important nights.’ You know what I mean – date night, out with the girls – when I really want to dress up and go all out.
Out of ALL of these, I must say the BareMinerals All Over Face Color (Warmth) is probably my fave. I’m almost running out and keep putting off running over to Sephora to buy some more. It is NOT as dark as it looks in the picture. Instead, it really gives this nice, soft glow with a hint of color to really brighten up your face and a little goes a loooong way. Do you have a favorite product? What’s in your make-up bag?
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