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Inspirational Style {Classy Vintage}

1 Aug


Ohhhh I love everything in this ┬ácollage – the home pieces and the outfit! It’s so girly and pretty, with the lace and sparkle! Big fan right here! The outfit, with the shape of the dress, lace, and light blush tones have a vintage flair but the jacket and shoes definitely bring it up to ‘now’! If I wore this outfit (which I must!) and had hair that I could actually manage to do myself (all I seem to be able to handle is a straightener.) I would wear it up in a loose and casual updo or down with long pretty waves pulled back from my face a bit. Ahh to have hair like Lauren Conrad (I’m watching RetroMTV and the Hills is on..yay! Does anyone else miss this show?)

To find all of these pieces…click below! (And tell me what you think about this vintage inspiration!)

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