Inspirational Style {Simple & Colorful}

18 Jul
Simple and Colorful Inspiration

Ever a bit stumped on what to wear? Or not sure how to put an outfit together? Or even what ‘your style’ is? Look at your home! Take a look at the colors you love, the “style” you go for – modern? romantic? Here, I chose some simple, yet bold and colorful, pieces and used them to create a FUN outfit, pulling colors form the “inspiration home” pieces. For the outfit, since the “base” pieces are all within the same color scheme (blues and yellows) and I use red as accents, it doesn’t look TOO crazy colored – instead it’s fun! That dress is loooovely, the colors and the shape – with the cute collar and buttons down the front! The shoes also pull in some of that light blue and yellow from the cardigan (inspired by the lamp and dots on the clock!) The red accessories are inspired by the coool red chair! What do you think? Do you use your home as a style inspiration? OR vice-versa, your clothes as inspiration for your home decor?!

Sheer dress

Dorothy Perkins cotton cardigan
$16 –

Yellow flat

Essie nail polish

Tate Chairs

Watt Table Lamp

What’s Trending? {Pastels}

11 Jul
Pretty Pastels

Ohhh – I love pastels! With colored skinnies, pretty blouses, and two-toned bags, so many happy colors for your wardrobe!  Hey, you can even add some pastel colors to your home with paint (like the Benjamin Moore Yellow) or the pretty mint-y vase! What I love about this new trend of pretty pastels, you can mix the colors colors without it being over the top crazy (aka you won’t look like a rainbow!) Using some of the pieces above, I created this fab pastel outfit:

Pastel outfit

Whatchya think? I looove those purple jeans – a great, light color (perfect for summer!) The bracelet brings in a ton of fun colors that you can pull in with accessories. The blouse isn’t entirely neutral, it has a tint of orange in it so I paired this with blush colored platform pumps! I want to wear this nowww!

Essie nail polish

Weekday pink shirt

H&m pants
$23 –

Stone jewelry

What to Wear… {Summer Weddings}

4 Jul
Wedding Looks

Okay so even though I’ve only actually been to one wedding… I’m obsessed. I love wedding shows, my wedding board on pinterest is consistently growing, and I’m trying to hint to any of my friends in serious relationships that I really want to go to a wedding…soon! No one is listening. Yet. All is well, at least I can use Polyvore to put together fun outfits for all wedding festivities! I created three looks today that, I think, are great for three types of summer weddings: on a beach, during the day, and in the evening.

A beach wedding is generally a bit more casual so my outfit reflected that. I also threw in heels AND flats because who wants to (or can) wear heels in the sand? Not I. I also pulled in some hot styles and colors of this season! For the daytime dress, let me just tell you it looks MUCH better on the model in the photos than as is shown here (not as long and oddly shaped). It’s put together and classy for a wedding but still super cute, right?! My favorite outfit here is the one for the evening cocktails – I love the necklace! I kind of love black and purple and that dress is SO cute (it has a bow going across the back!) so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to bring those two colors together! Whatchya think? Which outfit do YOU like the best? Anyone have any summer weddings they want to invite me to? Haha! Let me know!

Oasis summer dress
$95 –

Warehouse sleeveless dress
£45 –

Dorothy Perkins black cocktail dress
$69 –

Nine West round toe pumps
$79 –

Freya flat heels
$44 –

ALDO high heel pumps
$55 –

Clutch handbag
$30 –

H M clutch handbag

ASOS clutch handbag
$30 –

Gorjana jewelry
$25 –

1928 black jewelry
$38 –

1928 enamel earrings
£9 –

Chain jewelry
25 AUD –

Kenneth jay lane jewelry
$30 –

Athena Designs 14k jewelry
$145 –

Tie necklace
£50 –

Cheap Monday earrings
$65 –

Kate Spade hardware jewelry
$33 –

Winning Combinations {Stars and…Polka dots!}

28 Jun
Light up the sky like the fourth of july

Soo.. I did another fourth of July collage. What can I say, I like red, white, and blue! Similar theme here than with the last one, one outfit for during the day at a picnic and one for the evening fireworks! The squares in the middle represent things you can use for BOTH outfits! And let’s be honest… who wouldn’t want to wear those shoes? SO adorably cute, right?

As for the “picnic” outfit, some people may say you can’t mix stripes and polka dots but it can work. First of all, the bag is an accessory, not something you’d have on your arm all day. Also, the polka dots are smaller so when you do have the bag on (and possibly the cardigan to break it up), the dots and stripes won’t be competing!  For the evening “fireworks” outfit, wanted to do something a bit more casual since, for me, this means walking around at night in Albany, debating which food truck to eat yummies from and having fun celebrating our country! And of course, cuddling up on a blanket to watch fireworks! This is also where I threw in a bit of FUN with the “stars and stripes” bracelet! Also the “star” earrings were not there unintentionally – obviously a nod to the “stars and stripes”! What are YOUR plans for the fourth of July? Beaching it? Picnic? Anyone have a boat I can hang out on? Ha!

Mango polka dot dress
£20 –

Alexon red cardigan
£20 –

Dorothy Perkins cotton shirt
$17 –

Wallis slim fit jeans
$42 –

Platform shoes
$46 –

Nine West tote handbag
£39 –

Friendship bracelet
$4.50 –

Sterling silver earrings
£9 –

White sunglasses
£10 –

Essie nail polish
$8 –

Essie nailpolish
$8 –

Girls’ bead and stars necklace
$9.50 –

Winning Combinations … {Fourth of July!}

27 Jun
Fourth of July

I totally forgot the fourth of July was like.. next week! Completely escaped my mind and I am so not prepared. I put together two cute, patriotic outfits, using red, white, and blue OF COURSE! The first one is more of a day time look for a picnic while the second is great for sitting on the grass watching the fireworks. Or in my case, most likely walking around Albany with thousands of people and yummy food trucks while watching the fireworks! I loooove the fourth of July, not only because it’s a day we should ALL be proud of but because it’s always a blast (no, that was not a pun for fireworks… maybe!)   It’s always such a celebration and let’s be honest, there’s usually a yummy BBQ too! What are your fourth of July plans? Any patriotic outfits planned?

Quiz stripe dress
£25 –

Cheap Monday white top
$28 –

HIGHWAY Womens Denim Jacket
$30 –

Quiksilver distressed shorts
$50 –

Wedge high heels
$112 –

TOMS canvas shoes
£36 –

Gold plated jewelry
$6.99 –

SKU Jewelry sterling silver jewelry
$43 –

Star scarve

Lodis belt
$34 –

Hair pins accessory
£12 –

Essie wedding nail polish
$8 –

Essie nail lacquer
$8 –

Striped sunglasses

Winning Combinations {Lazy Days!}

20 Jun
Lazy Days

This week, I don’t want to do anything, just be lazy! You know, one of those weeks. In spirit of it being one of those weeks, I put together two different looks, using the same pair of jeans, that are perfect to throw on when running out! Whether it’s to the bakery (to grab yummy sweets!!) or the wine store (of course.), both of these looks are cute and simple but still look put together! Basically, you can still be lazy and simple without wearing baggy sweatpants and an oversize tee! (I am not in college anymore, I must get over my love of sweatpants and leggings!) Again, I don’t REALLY have a favorite piece because I like so many things… if I didn’t I wouldn’t have chosen them! But, those leopard flats are super hot and that cardigan looks so cozy and cuddly! What do YOU think? What is your favorite? Check them ALL out below:

Cheap Monday t shirt
$28 –

Only Limitless cable cardigan
£19 –

BKE lace camisole tank
$16 –

H&M slim leg jeans
£15 –

Nine West bow flat
$89 –

Flat heels
$30 –

Mood necklace
£3 –

Oasis stretch jewelry
$20 –

Oasis stainless steel watch
$50 –

Jigsaw chain jewelry
£24 –

Monki vintage sunglasses
€10 –

Vintage tortoise shell sunglasses
$32 –

Essie glitter nail polish
$8 –

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