Winning Combinations {Lazy Days!}

20 Jun
Lazy Days

This week, I don’t want to do anything, just be lazy! You know, one of those weeks. In spirit of it being one of those weeks, I put together two different looks, using the same pair of jeans, that are perfect to throw on when running out! Whether it’s to the bakery (to grab yummy sweets!!) or the wine store (of course.), both of these looks are cute and simple but still look put together! Basically, you can still be lazy and simple without wearing baggy sweatpants and an oversize tee! (I am not in college anymore, I must get over my love of sweatpants and leggings!) Again, I don’t REALLY have a favorite piece because I like so many things… if I didn’t I wouldn’t have chosen them! But, those leopard flats are super hot and that cardigan looks so cozy and cuddly! What do YOU think? What is your favorite? Check them ALL out below:

Cheap Monday t shirt
$28 –

Only Limitless cable cardigan
£19 –

BKE lace camisole tank
$16 –

H&M slim leg jeans
£15 –

Nine West bow flat
$89 –

Flat heels
$30 –

Mood necklace
£3 –

Oasis stretch jewelry
$20 –

Oasis stainless steel watch
$50 –

Jigsaw chain jewelry
£24 –

Monki vintage sunglasses
€10 –

Vintage tortoise shell sunglasses
$32 –

Essie glitter nail polish
$8 –

One Response to “Winning Combinations {Lazy Days!}”

  1. maggiedelsocorro June 27, 2012 at 4:04 am #

    Oooooh I love this post! Comfortable yet very stylish!

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