Fashion Friday’s {Rosie Huntington-Whiteley}

11 May

Get the Look: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Okay – there’s no denying it.. I love this look. And hey, I may be a bit biased but I am totally okay with adding every piece of this to my wardrobe, especially the bag and blazer! I love the cut of the blazer and the shape + color of the bag! Two really great pieces to add to any wardrobe.. I mean, who doesn’t need a great, black blazer and a great bag?

MTWTFSS Weekday polyester shirt
$40 –

H M collarless jacket
£25 –

Topshop lightweight jeans
$76 –

Winter white shoes
£18 –

J.Crew leather heels
$170 –

Rebecca Minkoff clutch handbag
$195 –

Oasis yellow gold jewelry
$60 –

Felt hat
$60 –

Mango oversized sunglasses
£23 –

Dorothy Perkins black waist belt
$5 –

Lancôme lipstick
$25 –

Keeping it simple this week since It’s FINALS! Okay one project (simple) and finishing my senior project to go! (By finishing I mean getting the feedback from my advisor and hoping there’s not too much to fix since it’s due Tuesdayyyy)
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