Fashion Friday’s! (Nicole Richie)

14 Apr
Get the Look: Nicole Richie

Ohh my very first post here! How exciting. A bit nerve-racking. I guess I’m just talking to myself, for now. I must admit I’m not really a HUGE fan of the boho look. I love simple, casual clothes (although as I get older, I love clean, sophisticated styles). The reason I chose this Nicole Richie outfit was that it is perfect for that cool, effortless look that boho style is all about but isn’t too layered or “out there” for us non-boho folks (like me!)
Get the Look: Nicole Richie by emilycourtright1

Peacock shirt
$25 –

Feather top$20 –

Quiksilver distressed shorts
$50 –

Blue short shorts
$50 –

Kelsi Dagger ankle strap heels
$79 –

Kenneth Cole open toe shoes
$49 –

Boho handbag
$40 –

Charter club jewelry
$21 –

Cuff bangle$19 –

Forever 21 cuff jewelry
$4.80 –

Shashi jewelry
$30 –

Wet Seal floral sunglasses
$7.50 –

Zara belt
$30 –

Miss Selfridge belt
$26 –


I must say, the white ‘feather top’ from alloy is my favorite out of these clothing pieces. I like the addition of the color in the feathers – perfect for a cooool casual day out in summer! What’s your favorite piece? Also, I think flat sandals, like these black ones from Kenneth Cole @ Macy’s, are a must for every summer wardrobe! When you have to shop on a budget, like me and most college students I know, I find that pieces like those that you can wear with multiple outfits are necessary to a wardrobe. For me, I have these “gold” braided flat sandals from target that I wear at least 2 or 3 times per week! Do you have a favorite pair of summer shoes? 

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